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3d printing metal powder

field, especially for Titanium-based 3D Printing Power, Nickel-based 3D Printing Powder...We has invested nearly $ 1 million to build the R&D center. The R&D center has many Doctors and experts from different regions.
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Artista Chemicals website was established in 2010 which is a comprehensive nano materials and chemicals supplier globally. At that time, some retrieval systems of the early domestic chemical industry sites have inconvenient situation and less information. To solve this problem, with years of experience in the chemical industry, our founding team members collected chemical information data from a variety of specialty channels, integrated molecular formula, molecular weight, CAS No., MDL No., EINECS number (European chemicals ID), English product name, product synonyms into one textbox via computer aided when searching an substance. This improvement makes the work more efficiency for chemical industry personnel to find useful information and the corresponding vendors needed...
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Product Application
Metal 3D Printing Powder have been successfully applicated in prototypes, miniatures, jewelry, functional parts or even kitchenware and so on. One reason metal 3D printing has become such a hot topic is that parts can be serially 3D printed for mass production.Read More+
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