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Bismuth Germanium Oxide (Bi4Ge3O12)-Powder

Bismuth Germanium Oxide (Bi4Ge3O12)-Powder

CAS: 12233-56-6</br>Molecular Formula: Bi4Ge3O12</br>Purity: 99.9995%</br>Products Code: TR83320800PD</br>Specification Model: -325 Mesh</br>EINECS No.: 235-457-7
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Bismuth Germanium Oxide (Bi4Ge3O12)-Powder introduce:


Bismuth Germanate or Bismuth Germanium Oxide (BGO) is the general name of Bi2O3-GeO2 series compounds. The chemical formulas of the two most common Bismuth Germanate compounds are Bi4Ge3O12 (CAS: 12233-56-6) and Bi12GeO20 (CAS: 12233-73-7).

Bismuth germanate or "BGO" is usually used to specifically refer to Bi4Ge3O12, which is a colorless transparent crystal of cubic crystal system. Under the action of high-energy particles or high-energy rays (beta rays and x-rays), it can emit green fluorescence with a peak wavelength of 480 nm, and can detect high-energy particles and high-energy rays with its scintillation performance.

Chemical formula:Bi4Ge3O12

Formula weight: 1245.83 g·mol−1

Appearance: Colorless crystal

Melting Point: 1050 °C

Density: 7.13 g/cm3

Crystal Phase / Structure: Cubic


Bismuth germanium oxide is used in detectors in particle physics, aerospace physics, nuclear medicine, geology exploration, and other industries. Bismuth germanate arrays are used for gamma pulse spectroscopy. BGO crystals are also used in positron emission tomography detectors.

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