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Cadmium Arsenide (Cd3As2)-Powder

Cadmium Arsenide (Cd3As2)-Powder

CAS: 12006-15-4</br>Molecular Formula: Cd3As2</br>Purity: 99.999%</br>Products Code: TR483300PD</br>Specification Model: - 325 mesh</br>Hazardous Class: Class 6.1</br>EINECS No.: 234-484-1</br>UN No.: UN1557</br>Package Class: PG II
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Cadmium Arsenide (Cd3As2)-Powder introduce:


Cadmium arsenide (Cd3As2) is an inorganic semimetal in the II-V family. It exhibits the Nernst effect.

Chemical formula:Cd3As2

Molar mass:487.08 g/mol

Appearance:solid, dark grey


Melting point:716 °C (1,321 °F; 989 K)

Solubility in water:decomposes in water

Crystal structure:Tetragonal, tI160


Cadmium arsenide is used in infrared detectors using the Nernst effect, and in thin-film dynamic pressure sensors. It can be also used to make magnetoresistors, and in photodetectors.

Cadmium arsenide can be used as a dopant for HgCdTe.

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