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Nickel(II) formate dihydrate (Ni(HCO2)2•2H2O)-Powder

Nickel(II) formate dihydrate (Ni(HCO2)2•2H2O)-Powder

CAS: 15694-70-9</br>Molecular Formula: Ni(HCO2)2•2H2O</br>Purity: 98%-99.99%</br>Products Code: TR2808060101PD</br>Specification Model: -325 Mesh.etc</br>Hazardous Class: Class 9</br>EINECS No.: 222-101-0</br>UN No.: UN3077</br>Package Class: PGIII
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Nickel(II) formate dihydrate (Ni(HCO2)2•2H2O)-Powder introduce:



The chemical formula Ni(HCOO)2·2H2O. Molecular weight 184.76. Nickel formate, also known as nickel formate, is a green monoclinous crystal or crystalline powder with a relative density of 2.154. It is decomposed into nickel, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, water and methane at 180 ~ 200℃. Soluble in water. It is obtained by the action of nickel sulfate solution with sodium formate or the dissolution of nickel hydroxide in formic acid. 

Chemical formula:Ni(HCO2)2•2H2O

Formula weight: 184.77g/mol (148.74anhy)

Melting Point: 130-140°C -2H2O

Density 2.15 g/ml

Appearance: Green Powder

Sensitivity: Ambient temperatures.

Solubility: In the range 180-200° decomposes to Ni, CO, CO2, H2, H2O, CH4. Partially soluble in water




Nickel(II) formate dihydrate is used in nickel catalyst preparations. It is also used as a biochemical for proteomics research.

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