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Sodium metatungstate monohydrate (3Na2WO4•9WO3•H2O)-Powder

Sodium metatungstate monohydrate (3Na2WO4•9WO3•H2O)-Powder

CAS: 314075-43-9</br>Molecular Formula: 3Na2WO4•9WO3•H2O</br>Purity: 99%</br>Products Code: TR7411080100PD</br>Specification Model: -100-325 Mesh</br>EINECS No.: 412-770-9
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Sodium metatungstate monohydrate (3Na2WO4•9WO3•H2O)-Powder introduce:



Sodium mettungstate, also known as sodium mettungstate monohydrate, is a white crystal.

Chemical formula:Na6O39W12•H2O

Formula weight: 2986.13g/mol (2968.12anhy)

Appearance:White crystal powder

Density 5.47g/ml

Sensitivity: Ambient temperatures.

Solubility: Soluble in water.




Sodium metatungstate monohydrate plays a vital role in sink and swim analysis. It is a derivative of sodium tungstate, which is a potential therapy for obesity. It acts as an inhibitor, which inhibits nucleoside-triphospahte- diphosphohydrolases.

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