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Tin (II) Chloride (SnCl2)-Powder

Tin (II) Chloride (SnCl2)-Powder

CAS: 7772-99-8</br>Molecular Formula: SnCl2</br>Purity: 99.999%</br>Products Code: TR501701PD</br>Specification Model: - 20 mesh</br>Hazardous Class: Class 8</br>EINECS No.: 231-868-0</br>UN No.: UN3260</br>Package Class: PG II
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Tin (II) Chloride (SnCl2)-Powder introduce:


Tin(II) chloride, also known as stannous chloride, is a white crystalline solid with the formula SnCl2. It forms a stable dihydrate, but aqueous solutions tend to undergo hydrolysis, particularly if hot.

Chemical formula:SnCl2

Molar mass:189.60 g/mol (anhydrous)

                       225.63 g/mol (dihydrate)

Appearance:White crystalline solid


Density:3.95 g/cm3 (anhydrous)

                2.71 g/cm3 (dihydrate)

Melting point:247 °C (477 °F; 520 K) (anhydrous)

                          37.7 °C (dihydrate)

Boiling point:623 °C (1,153 °F; 896 K) (decomposes)

Solubility in water:83.9 g/100 ml (0 °C) Hydrolyses in hot water

Solubility:soluble in ethanol, acetone, ether, Tetrahydrofuran

                   insoluble in xylene

Magnetic susceptibility (χ):−69.0·10−6 cm3/mol

Crystal structure:Layer structure


Used in dye, perfume, mirror making, electroplating and other industries;It is also used as ultra high pressure lubricating oil, bleaching agent, reducing agent, mordant, decoloring agent and analytical reagent for the determination of silver, arsenic, molybdenum and mercury.Strong reducing agent.

Used as reducing agent, mordant, acid tin plating, main salt.It is used in glass mirror industry as an sensitizer for silver nitrate plating, which can make the coating brightness good, and the coating of this product is not easy to fall off when ABS electroplating.

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