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Vanadium Bromide (VBr3)-Powder

Vanadium Bromide (VBr3)-Powder

CAS: 13470-26-3</br>Molecular Formula: VBr3</br>Purity: 99.5%</br>Products Code: TR233500PD</br>Specification Model: - 100 mesh</br>EINECS No.: 236-736-6
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Vanadium Bromide (VBr3)-Powder introduce:


Vanadium(III) bromide, also known as vanadium tribromide, is the inorganic compound with the formula VBr3. It is a polymeric with octahedral vanadium(III) surrounded by six bromide ligands.

Chemical formula:VBr3

Molar mass:290.654 g/mol

Appearance:Gray-brown solid

Density:4 g/cm3

Solubility in water:soluble

Solubility:soluble in THF (forms adduct)

Magnetic susceptibility (χ):+2890.0·10−6 cm3/mol

Coordination geometry:octahedral

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