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Iridium acetate (Ir(CH3COO)n)-Solid

Iridium acetate (Ir(CH3COO)n)-Solid

CAS: 37598-27-9
Molecular Formula: Ir(CH3COO)n
Purity: 99.95%
Products Code: 7706010800SD
Specification Model: - 100 mesh approx
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Iridium acetate (Ir(CH3COO)n)-Solid introduce:


Iridium Acetate is a moderately water soluble crystalline Iridium source that decomposes to Iridium oxide on heating. It is generally immediately available in most volumes.

Formula: Ir(CH3COO)n

Molecular Weight:369.34906

Appearance:Green powder or solid

Melting Point: >100°C

Sensitivity: Ambient temperatures.

Solubility: Insoluble in water.


Mostly used in wax oil catalytic cracking and heavy oil catalytic cracking. The catalytic water-oxidation activity of Wilkinson's iridium acetate trimer has been characterized electrochemically and by using chemical oxidants. Results show it can function as an operationally homogeneous water-oxidation catalyst when driven with sodium periodate as a primary oxidant, but rapidly decomposes using Ce(IV) as a primary oxidant.
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