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Silver Telluride (Ag2Te)-Lump

Silver Telluride (Ag2Te)-Lump

CAS: 12002-99-2
Molecular Formula: Ag2Te
Purity: 99.99%
Products Code: 475200LP
Specification Model: 3 mm - 6 mm
EINECS No.: 234-419-7
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Silver Telluride (Ag2Te)-Lump introduce:


Silver telluride (Ag2Te) is a chemical compound, a telluride of silver, also known as disilver telluride or silver(I) telluride. It forms a monoclinic crystal.

Chemical formula:Ag2Te

Molar mass: 341.3364 g/mol

Appearance: grey-black crystals

Density: 8.318 g/cm³

Melting point: 955 °C (1,751 °F; 1,228 K)

Refractive index (nD):3.4

Crystal structure:Monoclinic, mP12
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