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Nicke-Base Tungsten Carbide (Ni60A+35WC-Ni)-Powder

Nicke-Base Tungsten Carbide (Ni60A+35WC-Ni)-Powder

Molecular Formula: Ni60A+35WC-Ni
Purity: ≥98%
Products Code: FMTS06021
Specification Model: -140+325mesh
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Nicke-Base Tungsten Carbide (Ni60A+35WC-Ni)-Powder introduce:


Operating temperature ≤600℃.The self-fusing alloy with 35% WC added has higher wear resistance than Ni60, good self-fusing, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Used for wear resistant spray welding of wire drawing machine tower wheel, fan blade, brick machinery, mud pump plunger, sand agitator.
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