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Cesium triiodide (CsI3)-Crystalline

Cesium triiodide (CsI3)-Crystalline

CAS: 20202-54-4</br>Molecular Formula: CsI3</br>Purity: 98.0%</br>Products Code: TR555300CY</br>Specification Model: - 100 mesh
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Cesium triiodide (CsI3)-Crystalline introduce:



Caesium iodide or cesium iodide (chemical formula CsI3) is the ionic compound of caesium and iodine.

Chemical formula:CsI3

Molecular Weight: 513.62g/mol

Appearance: solid

Melting Point: 207 °C (405 °F)

Density: 4.51 g/cm3




It is used in Infrared spectrometer prism, X-ray screen, scintillation counter.

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