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Palladium(II) bromide (PdBr2)-Powder

Palladium(II) bromide (PdBr2)-Powder

CAS: 13444-94-5
Molecular Formula: PdBr2
Purity: 99.99%-99.998%
Products Code: 463500PD
Specification Model: -100-325 Mesh
EINECS No.: 236-588-2
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Palladium(II) bromide (PdBr2)-Powder introduce:


Palladium(II) bromide is an inorganic compound of palladium and bromine with the chemical formula PdBr2. It is a commercially available, though less common than palladium(II) chloride, the usual entry point to palladium chemistry. Unlike the chloride, palladium(II) bromide is insoluble in water

Chemical formula:Br2Pd

Molar mass:266.228 g/mol

Appearance:Brown Powder

Density:5.17 g/cm3


Palladium(II) bromide is used as an oxidizing agent, as Pd(II) catalyst and Pd(0) precatalyst
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